Casino Universe Tournaments
Thousands of euros and free spins!
€X,XXX and X,XXX free spins (COMING SOON)


Prove yourself as the most devoted player in non-stop series of Casino Universe tournaments!

Every bet lefts somebody behind you. Every bet is a next stair to the top. With Casino Universe, you are not just playing your favorite games, but participate in the constant brawl for the title of the best.

Schedule for June:

  • 🥇 From October 1 (09:00 UTC) till October 8 (08:59 UTC);
  • 🥈 From October 8 (09:00 UTC) till October 15 (08:59 UTC);
  • 🥉 From October 15 (09:00 UTC) till October 22 (08:59 UTC).

We know you are worthy! It is time to breakthrough!

  • €1 of real money bets will grant you 1 point in the tournament. If your bet is less than €1, you will get the proportional amount of points. (Example: €0.5 bet is equal to 0.5 points);
  • 80 players with the most points win the tournament and share a prize pool of €2,500 (wager x5) and 2,500 free spins (wager x15);
  • Only real bets in slots are counted;
  • You can activate your money of free spins bonus within 3 days;
  • Money or free spins bonus is active within 7 days;
  • Free spins are given in any of these 3 slots: Slot1, Slot2, Slot3
Number Username Points Prize

Tournament Games

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